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Establishment of the National Tsing Hua University Museum

The seed of the NTHU Heritage Museum was planted in 2008 when Prof. Yang Rur-bin and Prof. Fang Sheng-Ping donated their collections to NTHU.  A preparatory office was created in 2015 to breathe life to it and 2022 saw the official launch of the Heritage Museum.  The treasures donated by the two professors include thousands of documents, manuscripts, literature, calligraphy works, and paintings that span 300 years of modern Eastern Asia.

The NTHU Heritage Museum started holding special exhibits and micro-exhibits in the Micronix Building while still in the preparatory stage.  The exhibits included Confucianism in the Ming and Ching Dynasties, Sinology in the Edo Period of Japan, calligraphy works and paintings from the Japanese occupation period, as well as the 1949 war-related artifacts, showcasing NTHU’s cultural visions across East Asia. It has collaborated with various universities and institutions with exhibits to promote cultural and academic exchange, and to showcase the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the Chinese written words in Taiwan, Mainland China, and Japan in modern times.

The NTHU Heritage Museum actively works with local cultural communities to further the continuation, reflection, innovation, and sustaining of local culture.

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