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Visit Information

Special Exhibition

Free admission
Opening Hours: Every Tuesday to Saturday 11:00-18:00

Closing Hours: Sundays, Mondays, and national holidays

Other closure days: Days declared by the government due to natural disasters or other necessary closure days as announced by the museum.

Display through the windows, accessible 24 hours



Visitor Guidelines: For the safety and quality of your visit, please cooperate with the following rules:

  1. Please do not bring pets (except guide dogs), toys, dangerous items, food, or drinks into the museum.

  2. Flash photography and tripods are not allowed.

  3. Do not touch or damage the exhibits or facilities.

  4. The museum maintains low lighting to preserve the artifacts.

  5. Running or playing is not permitted in the exhibition hall to ensure the safety of visitors, staff, and artifacts.

  6. Some exhibit features and display cases are at a height; it is recommended that children under seven years old be accompanied by their parents.

※Special Exhibition-Group Appointment Guided Tour     

Reservation Email:museum@my.nthu.edu.tw 
Confirmation Line:(03)574-2245

  1. Reservation Target: Groups of 10 to 30 people.

  2. Reservation Time: Submit your application at least 7 days before your intended visit date. Please note that time slots and availability are limited and may fill up.

  3. Reservation Procedure: Send an email specifying your desired date, time, and the number of visitors. It is essential to confirm your reservation by phone for the booking to be valid.

  4. Guided Tour Duration: Between 20 to 40 minutes.

  5. For groups with confirmed reservations, please arrive at the museum according to your reserved time. To avoid affecting the rights of other groups, if your group does not arrive as scheduled, the museum will hold the reservation for 10 minutes. Groups arriving later than this will have their guided tour service canceled. If a group misses their reservation three times, the museum reserves the right to refuse future reservations.

  6. If there are any changes to the group itinerary or the number of visitors or if you need to cancel your reservation due to unforeseen circumstances, please call to inform us at least three days before your visit.

※Individuals can visit during regular opening hours without needing a reservation.




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